Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We are at Whataburger Field here in Corpus Christi Texas its right on the ocean as you can see the bridge and the huge ship on the other side of the fence. Came to watch the home town Hooks the minor league team for the Houston Astros aginst the Riders minor league team for the Texas Rangers this game was great, 13 innings later and the Riders won off a home run. also after the game they had a country music concert, Asleep at the Wheel on the field they were really good we got to go on the grass and be up front as close as we could get. Great Fathers Day Gift.

Isabel is growing so fast she loves to take baths in our jetted tub with all the bubbles and toys. She is really strong and bounces for along time everyday she enjoys it.

Well i made it to the big 27 last week. Chantee made me my favorite cake and i got to hang out with my girls all day it was a good day. Also those are Isabel's first set of cowgirl boots cool.

Monday, June 20, 2011

We were finally able to have Isabel sleep in her crib instead of the Pack n play. Isabel is getting really strong and started pulling herself up the side of the crib. One morning Brett went to get her out and this was what he found. She is stinking cute.

Here we are moving into our new home. We've been here for about 2-3 weeks now. It was a pain in the butt, especially with Isabel! She wanted to be held the entire time, so finally I just strapped her to my back and kept unloading the truck.

Here's Brett preparing our first meal in our new home. We had spaghetti! It was so good to finally have a home cooked meal, fast food gets old pretty quick.
Isabel got invited to her first Birthday party! Here she is with Brett, it was her turn to hit the pinata. It was very bright and sunny that day, well actually, every day.

This is Isabel at 6 months. She started pulling herself up at our motel. She also started army crawling and getting up on her hands and knees.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


This is a view from Corpus Christi Beach. We didn't get there till around 6 pm and it was windy and still people were swimming. I know it looks cold, but it was actually pretty warm outside. In the background there is an old Navy ship with airplanes and choppers on the deck. If I remember right, it's a museum and a restaurant. This area is a total tourist site and has tons of souvenir shops, restaurants, and a big Texas State Aquarium within walking distance. You can even see a tall building in the background which is downtown Corpus Christi, it is right on the shore line.

Here we are at Alice lake! The water is pretty dirty, nobody swims in it, it's mostly for fishing. I was worried that there would be alligators in it, so I was relieved to find out there wasn't. A local fisherman told us that it has a lot of alligator Gar in it and the occasional water moccasin (poisonous snake)! We saw one of the snakes swim across the water! They fish for bait differently here, they use these circular nets with weights on the border that is thrown into the water and allowed to sink to the bottom. When they pull on the rope the edges come together to trap the small fish.

Behind me are the Mariachis! They did such a good job! Everyone was dancing and clapping along! Behind me is Britney, the other PA that works with me. She is really fun and Beautiful.

Here's Brett and Isabel at "El Charro", a Mexican restaurant in Alice. We met a bunch of people from work and had dinner and listened to the Mariachis play. We had a blast! Isabel didn't have as much fun, she wasn't a big fan of the loud music.

This is our favorite PJ to put on her! It says "I'll be your Huckleberry." It's way cute on her and is one of the only PJ's that fits her right now. Her hair is starting to come in thicker as well.

This is the backyard and back porch. This is an old picture as well. It now has grass and is leveled out.

This is the Master Bathroom. It has his and her sinks, which we love! I hate fighting for the sink and getting in eachother's way. To the right is a jetted tub and across from the second sink is a walk in shower. The shower is white cultured marble along the walls and floor. There is a little separate room with a toilet across from the cabinets. Straight ahead is a huge walk in closet! This is the best part of the entire bathroom! I love the closet! The floor is tile that matches the rest of the house.

This is the Master bedroom. You can see our backyard in the windows, it's a pretty small back yard but at least we don't have to buy/put in a fence.

When you first walk into the house you see the fireplace straight ahead, and if you turn to the left you see this room. I guess you can call it a front room/sitting room but we want to use it for something fun like a pool table! But it will be a while before we can afford that. the archway to the right goes into the kitchen. Also, if you turn to the right when you first walk in, you will see an office. It has two glass doors to shut out sound. We plan on hanging up mirrors and a TV and using it as a workout room! It has carpet now, along with the bedrooms. The carpet is tan.

This is our kitchen. It has dark green granite counter tops and cherry wood stained oak cabinets. I wish I would've taken an updated picture because all of the appliances have been installed. The fridge, dishwasher, microwave and oven are stainless steel. It has a flat stove top that is built into the granite (separated from the oven, and the oven and microwave are built into the cabinets. If you were to turn around, there is a separate washing/drying room with cabinets and a Marble Counter top that goes into the garage.

This is the view of the kitchen if you're standing by the fireplace. It's cool to be able to be cooking and still be involved in what's going on in the living room. We plan on putting 2-3 bar stools at the counter as it has an overlap/bar of granite counter top. We'll post new pictures of the house when we move in and everything's finished!

This is the inside of our house. This is the main room. We love the tray ceilings! The house is still being finished, but it now has a brown ceiling fan and tiles around the fire place. We plan on putting a TV above the fireplace. The doorway to the right goes to two bedrooms and a guest bathroom. The area on the left is for our kitchen table and the door in the center goes to the back yard.

This is our New House! We are so excited! It's really popular around here to have stucco, there aren't nearly as many brick homes. If you take a closer look you will find little pieces of shiny dark rock in the white pillars that shine like confetti in the sunlight. It's pretty sweet.

This is our bathroom. If you can see in the reflection, our bathtub is green, along with our toilet! The toilet has a flusher like you find in a public restroom, you know, the metal rod and no back rest. We get plenty of hot water, but the water smells horrible! It tastes just as bad as it smells! We drink bottled water and only use this water when we brush our teeth or wash our faces. I think even that small amount of water in our systems is too much as we've become very familiar with the toilet (if you know what I mean). Just kidding! But seriously it's bad. LOL!

This is our huge closet! We had to pick out a few things to wear as we also have limited closet space! We have to keep re-wearing certain outfits and go to the laundry mat weekly. To the right you can see where I get ready every morning. It's a pretty good sized mirror with decent lighting. Below the counter we keep a couple totes with my blow dryer, curling iron, etc. There aren't any bathroom drawers/cupboards to keep those type of things.

Our motel room is always a mess because we have a lot of stuff and limited space. The nice thing for Brett is that he doesn't have to clean, housekeeping comes every morning to get us clean towels, vacuum, mop, and clean the toilet and shower. Brett is pampered! I bring home the bacon, and Brett makes us dinner (which is usually hotdogs, burritos, sandwiches, or whatever we can warm up in the microwave since we don't have any type of stove top).